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May 14, 2019
by justin22sw

I am poem

I AM the wind

I am fast and I am strong

I wonder what I can do to other people

I hear my friends swoosh by me

I see the destruction I do

I want to be gentle

I am the wind

I pretend to not see what I do

I feel my power through my force

I touch all around me

I worry that people don’t like me

I cry about my damage to all

I am the wind

I understand why people fear me

I say that people are my friends but they really aren’t

I dream that the snow I blow on climbers is a gift of luck

I try to be helpful

I hope people don’t fear me

I am the wind

May 3, 2019
by justin22sw

Week 8 Mongolia

For week 8 I am choosing Mongolia as my country to research. The reasons that I’m choosing Mongolia is 1.) I did a research project and it is a very interesting country and 2.) some of my family is from here.


 Located between Russia and China is a hospitable country known as “The Land of Eternal Blue Sky.” This country has two very different lifestyles from the nomadic life in the rolling hills of the country, to the packed in skyscrapers that make up it’s capital called Ulaanbaatar. Welcome to Mongolia. Mongolia’s GDP is 11.49 billion USD. This is why their capital is very modern in some areas and in others it is very old buildings. Mongolia has transformed itself from an isolated country trying to preserve its culture to a country with open trades throughout the world.  With its rich heritage and beautiful landscapes, Mongolia has become a home of welcoming people who are eager to share their home with the rest of the world.  

May 3, 2019
by justin22sw


I am reading the book PEAK, and so far I’m on page 163. So far I have read about a boy named Peak climbing a building and being sent to juvenile detention. He got out with the help of his dad and they went to start climbing Mt. Everest. As they began the climb I learned some of the gear and things the use to climb. I also learned how you have to go to one camp on the mountain and go back down to let your body adjust to the harsh the temperature and thin air. I am eager to read on and learn new things about climbing, since I have never climbed before.

April 26, 2019
by justin22sw


A holiday coming up for me is Easter. This holiday for me is when family gets together and we make dinner and play games. Some games are cards, dominos, computer games Xbox games and some more. My favorite is spinners, spinners is a dominoes game that is like uno. There are spinners on some dominoes they represent wild which is when you can use it against any domino.

April 5, 2019
by justin22sw
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Week 5 blogging challenge

Hi my name is Justin and I go to a private school in America. I’m in 5th grade and for fun I play lacrosse after school. This is our field that we play on. Some classes that we have are Art, Spanish, Engineering and Design, and Theater. We have a buying and packing lunch system and have two lunch rooms. More subjects are Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Reading.

March 10, 2019
by justin22sw

Blogging Challenge Adventure

I am writing my blog in my fifth grade book club.  Most of my blogs are about the books I read the first one was “When the Sea Turned To Silver,” and the one we are reading now is “Heart of a Samurai.”  In class we are studying Asia which is the setting of both books. I hope you check them all out and comment so I can see your opinion.

January 3, 2019
by justin22sw

The Story of “The Paper Answers”

In this story within our book, I think has an underlying meaning.

– This is a story that makes you wanna look around for signs

– Signs that make you think about every step you take

– The story is telling you that everyone can make changes

– That everyone can lead

– Also that some things people say are for a reason even if you think it’s just nonsense

– Just think

January 3, 2019
by justin22sw

Story of Nuwa

– This story is about the pillars in the sky

– A monstrous turtle destroyed hundreds of villages with one step

– Nuwa used the turtle’s big legs as the pillars to hold up the sky

– But The Starry River still gushed through the gap

– Nuwa tried to block the holes with stones but couldn’t fit the biggest hole

– So… she used herself turning into stone she was gone, no more floods

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